For over 20 years, One Vision has specialized in end-to-end business management systems, enterprise resource planning systems and role-based dashboards. We provide consultation for a variety of on-premise and cloud solutions and offer decision-making tools so everyone in an organization can efficiently drive the operational and financial management with real-time visibility, along with the security and control you need.

Our Approach

One Vision will create a solution for your business that emerges from a shared understanding of your company’s current needs and target for growth: One View, One Direction, One Vision.


Over 20 years ago, One Vision began when founder Kreg Decker, working as an Accountant, was tasked with updating the accounting technology for an organization. Finishing what was slated to be a two-year project in a mere three months, Kreg quickly recognized that there was an opportunity to help other companies navigate software decisions and manage implementations.


The One Vision consulting team, under the leadership of founder Kreg Decker, has a powerful combination of industry experience and technological expertise. This enables One Vision consultants to successfully guide clients when making some of their most important business decisions.


With offices and clients nationwide, we effectively partner with business leaders in every market to manage their technology needs.