New Vision

Announcement Date: January 1, 1999

The growth New Vision experienced in the first few years included growing the practice to multiple states around the country.  New Vision experienced two significant events that helped to shape the culture of the organization.  New Vision implemented one of the largest (at the time in Solomon history) multi-company sites across the US.  This implementation was based on project accounting solutions that allowed employees to input data and use workflow to improve the procurement, time and expense management and to report real time project information to users all across the United States.

The second significant event was the successful completion of a cleanup site where a company was unsatisfied with the implementation of the Dynamics solution.  New Vision was called in to cleanup the implementation and to make the company happy with the purchase of the Dynamics solution.  This cleanup helped New Vision understand the importance of process and technology and how the two are an important roadmap in every successful implementation.