Speed up Budgeting, Capture Critical Data With Host Analytics

host analyticsIn order to boost your competitiveness and efficiency, you need technology that supports the speed of your processes. Host Analytics answers the many demands on progressive finance managers, giving you the complexity and streamlining you need to optimize your budgeting and planning timelines. In order to perform at the competitive level, you need the technology that supports high-level analysis and detailed reporting. You need to consider a best-in-class enterprise performance management software.

Financial managers are increasingly becoming valued for their insight of the integrated business functions within a company. Here are several reasons why you should consider implementing Host Analytics to support your financial activities and pull you out of your traditional role of checking numbers and verifying data:

You need to harness the power of Big Data. Companies are gaining a wealth of information for analysis, and the amount of data is expected to continue to grow. However, with more data the analysis becomes more complex, and you need the technology to support both storage and manipulation of data. Host Analytics easily stores the data, but it also provides intricate analysis and reporting options to help you get the most out of the information you have. Better data and more detailed analysis help you forecast more accurately, more efficiently and with more factors included.

Enhanced reporting abilities fuel your business. Cloud solutions like Host Analytics will revolutionize your reporting processes. You will no longer be forced to wait for a period to close, nor will you have to keep verifying that you have the latest data. With the click of a button, you can print up-to-date, accurate data at any time. Company leadership accustomed to waiting on numbers to make decisions will become your biggest fans.

Forecasting is getting more complicated. As your business grows, forecasting becomes more important and more complicated. In a dynamic industry, there are multiple variables and factors that make accurate forecasting more challenging. However, with Host Analytics you can implement rolling forecasting, with numbers that are always up-to-date with the latest market, industry and economic factors that impact your business.

Consider the technology you need. Your business requires the kinds of tools and technology that support your growth. If it’s been a while since you’ve considered an integrated solution like Host Analytics, or if you’ve never shopped for cloud solutions, take a look at the level of investment required for a cloud software system. It might surprise you. Due to little or no investment in IT management and hardware, cloud solutions can be extremely economical for any size business.

One Vision Solutions works with many companies that implement Host Analytics for their financial management needs. A system like Host Analytics refines and streamlines your processes to give you a significant edge over your competition. Call One Vision Solutions to set up an initial meeting to discuss your needs.