When Your Business is Growing, Turn to Intacct Accounting

Intacct AccountingIf your business is in a growth pattern, you may be seeing work pile up faster than you can adapt to the changes. From credit approvals to financial reporting, rapid growth can put serious strain on a financial management department. When you need a software option that can handle the bulk and complexity of your growing business processes, take a look at Intacct. Intacct accounting is complex and robust, accommodating your growth without the added pressure of a steep learning curve.

Intacct is the best-in-class cloud accounting software that offers affordable, specialized functions for any size company. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect from Intacct accounting:

Salesforce integration: When you invest in Intacct, you’ll have a full view of the customer and the sales cycle with Salesforce integration. Quotes are easily converted to orders, and you can implement subscription billing while enjoying improved customer service and timely reporting. You’ll also improve collaboration between departments, with sales and finance communicating easily within the system to speed up the sales process and improve efficiency in decision-making.

Revenue recognition: Tired of chasing down revenue recognition regulations? Leave it to Intacct accounting where updates are automatically performed in your system, and you will no longer be tasked with ensuring that revenue recognition is being performed accurately in your system.

Informed decision-making: Whether it’s meeting the requirements of pre-IPO reporting needs of investors and the SEC, or simply creating reports for executives planning for future purchases and sales forecasts, Intacct accounting has the capability to meet your needs. There’s no waiting for a period to close or wasting hours verifying that you have the latest data. With one click you can print from the vast number of report options, or create a customized report to show a specific detailed analysis of a segment of your business.

Simplified subscriptions: Intacct automates customer subscription and contract renewals so that you can focus on growing your business, not just monitoring timelines on customer agreements. You can also evaluate the profitability of your contracts and subscriptions with business metrics in Intacct.

Multi-entity and global consolidations: As you grow, one of the ways you’ll know that it’s time to upgrade to specialized accounting software will be the drain on your time from managing multiple entities and currencies. Intacct easily handles multi-entity businesses and consolidates sales and other business data from global activities to give you an accurate picture of your financial health.

Reasonably priced:  One of the best features of the Intacct accounting system is its affordable price. At a fraction of the price of traditional on-site systems, Intacct provides a user-friendly solution that is available as a subscription service. This gives you control over the number of users you purchase with easy scalability as you grow.

One Vision Solutions offers Intacct as a solution to companies like yours that are growing and in need of an accounting system that can handle complex accounting functions. Affordable for both small- and mid-size businesses, Intacct offers the latest technology at a great price. Call One Vision Solutions to learn more.