Salesforce CRM Can Fuel Growth and Improve Best Practices

Salesfroce CRMYour sales team may be reluctant to jump on board with customer relationship management (CRM). It’s natural for sales reps to feel a bit threatened with the feeling that they are being closely watched as they perform their jobs. However, a system like Salesforce CRM can boost the success that a sales rep enjoys and help them identify their best techniques that close the deal.

Here are a few considerations for using Salesforce CRM to equip your sales team for growth and increased profitability:

Consider how you are selling CRM to sales reps. Often times, sales managers emphasize to sales reps the accountability and tracking aspects of a CRM system. No wonder sales reps feel micro-managed and threatened. Instead, emphasize to your sales team the benefits that directly impact them. Entering data into the system helps reps determine their individual best practices and learn to duplicate a sales process that leads to a signed contract every time.

When you emphasize the benefits to the sales reps and specify what it means to their personal bottom line, you improve the quality of information that you have in your CRM. If your reps are putting in spotty information once a week during an office day, you’ll never access the power of a tool like Salesforce CRM. However, one of the important benefits of Salesforce CRM is its user-friendly mobile access that makes it possible for sales reps to enter critical information immediately, while waiting for an elevator or walking across the parking lot.

Create opportunities for collaboration across your organization. One of the great features of Salesforce CRM is Salesforce Chatter, which provides a social layer that spans your various systems. Sales reps can easily resolve questions on credit limits or customer service issues on a mobile device while out in the field, rather than waiting for a reply to an email or a voice mail.

Salesforce Chatter provides a way for your company to better understand and communicate about the ways that activities in one department affect the performance of another. No longer operating in isolated silos, your team gains an increased appreciation for how their decisions impact the rest of the company and the bottom line.

Develop a set of best practices for your sales team. Salesforce CRM makes it easy to spot patterns of behaviors that lead to sales. Your sales managers will identify trends and be able to develop a set of best practices that can be duplicated across the sales team.

On the flip side, sales managers can also easily identify patterns of problematic sales practices that lead to losing a potential deal. When a sales rep is struggling, managers can recognize the problematic behaviors that are causing a sales process to fall apart and introduce training to solve the problem before the sales rep is in danger of missing sales goals.

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