Choosing Small Business Software That Helps You Grow

There are Efficiency Benefits to Upgrading Your Small Business Software When your business is just starting out, the investment in an accounting software like QuickBooks is a great fit. It produces clean financial reports and professional invoices and is user-friendly. However, there are a lot of benefits to upgrading to a small business software that [...]

April 19th, 2016|Accounting Application|

Salesforce Integration With Intacct Creates Seamless Business Processes

Use Salesforce Integration to Promote Collaboration When you put together the best-in-class customer relationship management (CRM) software with the best-in-class accounting software, you provide your customers with a seamless experience, free of bottlenecks. Salesforce integration with Intacct promotes collaboration throughout your organization so that your customers experience better service and improved efficiency. There are several [...]

April 5th, 2016|Salesforce Integration|

Business Reporting for the Strategic CFO

CFOs Now Require Advanced Business Reporting Traditionally, CFOs and their finance departments have been reporters, spending the bulk of their time verifying numbers for reporting and decision-making purposes. However, if you are a CFO, you know that the role of financial executives is changing. With the latest cloud software available, business reporting is not the [...]

March 22nd, 2016|Accounting Application|

Financial Dashboards for In-Depth Analysis

Get the Information You Need With One Click in Financial Dashboards You need visibility into your company’s financial health to make informed decisions. Accessing your KPIs and your progress on other objectives allows you to advise other leaders in the company, but collecting the information can be time-consuming and cumbersome. With financial dashboards in Intacct, [...]

March 8th, 2016|Accounting Application|

Getting the Most out of Salesforce Chatter

Use These Tips to Maximize Collaboration With Salesforce Chatter There are a lot of benefits to using Salesforce Chatter for collaboration in your company. It’s more efficient than more traditional forms of communication, like email or phone calls, and you don’t have to flip between systems to get information to include in a message. It’s [...]

February 16th, 2016|Salesforce Integration|

Identifying and Tracking KPI Metrics

The Right KPI Metrics Measure the Success of Your Company Key performance indicators, or KPI metrics, provide a way for you to see, at a glance, how your company is performing. The challenge is that no set of KPI metrics will work across the board for any company, or even every company in a given [...]

February 2nd, 2016|Accounting Application|

Kreg’s Vision: Stop Looking in the Past and Create a New Financial Future

Creating a Financial Future Through Analysis Why is it we spend so much time looking in the past? Past financial performance is a great predictor of future results. Additionally, there is a lot gained for your financial future by looking at your past. A famous quote says, “Repeating the same things over and over and [...]

January 15th, 2016|Kreg's Vision|

Steps for Choosing the Best Project Management Software

To Get the Best Project Management Software for Your Company, Take a Team Approach You may identify what you determine is the best project management software for your company, only to meet resistance at every turn when you go to implement the new system. Getting buy-in from your key team members is critical for the [...]

January 12th, 2016|Blog, Project Management|

Kreg’s Vision: Pipeline Drives Backlog, Backlog Drives Operational Performance, Issues Drive Support – Get it all Connected With Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is Your Answer to Integrated Sales and Forecasting It seems that in any project based organization, when you have a strong pipeline of future work, there are also appropriate levels of backlog. If you have the appropriate levels of backlog it makes driving operational performance to meet goals and objectives much easier. When [...]

January 8th, 2016|Kreg's Vision|

Adhering to New Revenue Recognition Criteria

The FASB’s Revenue Recognition Criteria Makes Significant Changes for Companies The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is issuing new revenue recognition criteria that could hit bottom lines for businesses. The new rules will take effect in 2018, but companies should start thinking now about how the changes will affect how they report revenue. Here are [...]

January 5th, 2016|Accounting Application, Blog|
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