host analytics

Host Analytics improves your planning process, with integrated planning, forecasting and reporting in one location. Host Analytics gives your finance team independence in planning, requiring no involvement from IT to get the data you need for budgeting or forecasting. Reports are accessible without a scripting language and are created without manual workarounds.

Some of the benefits of Host Analytics’ planning capabilities include:

• Planning is 100% owned by finance, with no involvement from IT to get the reports you need

• Reduced reliance on disconnected spreadsheets

• Shortened budgeting and forecasting cycles with the elimination of workarounds; allowing the creation of forecast models and reports with a point and click

• Business dashboards provide instant information about planning progress, including completed and outstanding tasks

• A familiar Excel interface

• Flexible forecasting, whether running bottom-up, top-down or middle-out forecasting scenarios

• Upload Excel reports to the cloud using AirliftXL