Intacct is a perfect accounting software solution for your small to mid-size business that has outgrown QuickBooks. This cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution provides not only core financial and accounting applications but also features a general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, cash and expense management, plus applications for purchasing and order management.

Intacct’s real-time reporting allows your managers and other decision-makers the ability to access the most up-to-date information for informed business evaluations. A dashboard designed for CEOs and other high-level executives through these ERP systems provides a birds’ eye view of financial health of the business. Business owners can also leverage this cloud ERP to examine the overall condition of investments with the ability to view all entities.

Intacct is also valuable for its streamlined automated processes. Across multiple entities, your financial activities can be consolidated and manual processes can be eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings. Intacct provides managers with a high level of control over security, with each user given permission to use specific screens and functions.

Legacy ERP systems are easily integrated with Intacct. As a cloud-based software provider, Intacct specializes in seamless implementation, interfacing with your existing, on-premise software to optimize the cloud ERP application. Intacct is also flexible in its scale, allowing businesses to only purchase what you need and gradually increase the number of users as your needs change.