Salesforce is a solution designed to drive your sales growth through customer relationship management (CRM). Your sales representatives will appreciate the user-friendly data entry and your sales managers will appreciate real-time reporting that allows them to track pipeline activity from leads to opportunities to closed deals.

With Salesforce, you can identify best practices among your sales reps, based on what activities most often lead to a closed sale. Specific sales activities can be linked to rewards to drive the areas of growth that align with your organization’s goals. Salesforce allows your reps to close more deals, increase productivity and keep their pipeline filled.

One of the most powerful features of Salesforce, is the sophisticated integration capabilities to align multiple applications used in your organization to facilitate information sharing among every department. Salesforce allows companies to take advantage of best-of-breed technology solutions and select the best tools to manage their business and create a competitive edge.

One Vision is a Salesforce integration partner and has expertise in configuring multiple applications to work seamlessly to share information within your organization.