Intacct’s Visibility Makes it One of the Best Small Business Accounting Software Choices

best small business accounting softwareAs you near the end of the year, you may be working on next year’s budget or considering a few end-of-the-year purchases for your business. When you are making plans for your company, a high level of visibility is crucial to protecting the health of the business. Do you have the small business accounting software necessary for supporting that sharing of information?

Increasing visibility gives you and your managers the information you need to make decisions. Whether it is a major purchase or simply managing employee hours, you need up-to-date information about your company’s finances. Increasing visibility helps you manage day-to-day expenses in a way that drives directly to your bottom line, as well as making big decisions for long-term impact.

Intacct, a small business accounting software designed to handle the intricacies of complex business functions, offers increased visibility through role-based dashboards, real-time data and department integration.

Role-based dashboards: When you need information to make a decision about your company, you can access quality data in just one click. Intacct features dashboards that capture the information that is most important to you, customized into a format that works best for you.

Whether you prefer colorful charts and graphs or a more linear approach, you can view your KPIs and other data that you need for informed decision-making.

Real-time data: When you choose Intacct, you no longer need to wait for the period to close to get the financial reports you need. Instead, you can access real-time data that captures up-to-the-minute financial information.

Real-time data means that you can trust that the information you see on your dashboard has captured the latest update in your system, any data entry changes that have been made and that all variations have been accounted for. Intacct provides reliable data that captures a true picture of your financial health.

Department integration: Intacct offers collaboration and visibility between departments, allowing finance, operations and sales to provide seamless, quality customer service to your clients.

For instance, when your accountant wants to put a credit hold on a customer, they will have the information they need to check and see whether the customer has had delivery problems or if the sales rep has requested leniency on accounts receivable for some reason.

Increased visibility provides the information you need to improve your processes and make informed decisions for your company. Role-based dashboards give you critical, real-time data at just a click of a button, and integrated communication means that you no longer make decisions based on isolated information.

At One Vision Solutions, we recommend Intacct for companies that want to increase visibility for better performance. If you would like to talk more about this topic and our recommendations for small business accounting software, give us a call for an initial consultation.