Benefits of Engaging in Salesforce Communities

Salesforce CommunitiesMany sales teams implement Salesforce and begin using it to track their pipelines and take advantage of the great forecasting tools. However, like a lot of software implementations, it’s easy to get excited about the key functions of the system and then overlook some of the best parts of the tools included. Salesforce not only provides great data for improving sales, but it also has a social layer that can revolutionize the way you do business. Salesforce Communities is a great way to build collaboration across your team and with your business partners.

Salesforce Communities is an increasingly popular way for businesses to provide effective channels for employees to communicate and collaborate over business processes. Salesforce Communities is easily customized and optimized for mobile, and templates are easily designed for incorporating data from other systems. You can not only use Salesforce Communities for collaborating with internal employees, but also with vendors, suppliers and business partners. The benefits of using Communities includes:

Fast deployment: You can build a portal and deploy it for use in as little as 30 days. In the past, portals between, say, your company and a vendor, may take months as they were built individually by programmers that needed to know endless intricacies of each stakeholder. Salesforce has these technologies already built into its structure.

Affordable pricing and support: Using Salesforce Communities has a significant advantage over building a custom application that requires maintenance and improvement to stay current, using your internal IT resources. With Salesforce Communities, you enjoy frequent updates and customization that don’t require IT involvement.

Mobile access: Salesforce Communities comes ready for mobile use, so it is a convenient way to give your team access to collaborative tools without the need for a customized mobile solution that would be necessary when building a portal in-house. Make sure you plan for mobile implementation when you consider your customized branding, user experience and specific processes. The hiring of a Salesforce Consulting Partner that has experience using mobile deployment is also an important step to ensure success with Communities.

Close the loop: Salesforce Communities will connect data in disparate systems so that the right users are accessing the data they need in real time. This provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers and business partners so that your service and timing are optimized to your customers’ needs.

Connect in new ways: Of course, the best part of Salesforce Communities is the way you can connect with distributors and vendors like never before. In situations where you team up with a vendor or distributor to close a deal, you’ll have improved visibility and collaboration on the project.

One Vision Solutions takes a client-first approach, listening to your business needs before making any specific recommendation for your company. If Salesforce Communities is a good fit for your team, however, One Vision Solutions has the expertise to help you implement this collaboration tool that will change the way you do business.