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Who We Are…

One Vision Solutions is a leader in implementing end-to-end business systems for project-based organizations, enterprise resource planning systems and role-based dashboards. One Vision offers solutions with decision-making tools so organizations can efficiently drive the operational and financial management of the business with real-time visibility.

The main focus of our business is creating strong, long-term client partnerships. We invest in learning your culture and your vision for the future and combine a comprehensive understanding of technology and business process.

What Our Clients Say…

“Everything I have is in the cloud so to me it just makes sense.  You can access the information from anywhere at anytime.  I think in today’s work environment that’s really important.”

Staff Accountant, Astin Executive Services

“We absolutely wish we would have moved sooner from Dynamics SL to Sage Intacct because of all the benefits – the reporting, the ability to do drill downs, the ease of navigation, and the communication that we have among our staff…”

CFO, Astin Partners

“…being able to look on a daily basis of where your financial operations are at that moment in time really gives a clear indication of where we need to head strategically and where we need to go financially.”

CFO/Vice President, Cenikor Foundation

“The reality to most of it is you’re probably spending a lot of time trying to do workarounds in SL.  Intacct is not a workaround. ”

Sr. Account Manager, Cenikor Foundation

“It’s the savings in time.  The fact that you can get to any transaction from the top level down to the smallest details.  These are items that we’d normally have to get from a file cabinet in the old system.”

Assistant Controller, The Astin Group

“With Intacct, a lot of my invoices generate themselves, so I don’t even touch them.  They just populate and they’re there and I can send them through email or I can print them.  With SL, I actually have to go in and manually create each one…”

Account Associate, Astin Executive Services

“Using Intacct has provided us as a back office team to help provide a competitive advantage.  We can’t sell more widgets, but we can use the time we’ve gained to give our business unit leaders tools that they didn’t have before to help the business do better.”

Corporate Controller, Lynntech Inc.

“One Vision adds value to our company by bringing their product expertise. We have faith in knowing that the systems that are chosen have been carefully picked after really listening to us and finding out what our needs are, what we want, and what we don’t like.”

Controller, Hogan Taylor LLP

“It feels great knowing we never have to upgrade again. It’s one less thing off my list to do. One less thing I have to train someone how to do and have notes on how to do. One less server we have to maintain and backups we have to maintain. ”

Business Analyst, Lynntech Inc.

“I looked at a couple of different systems; that one feature that really stood out to us with Intacct was the Dashboards.”

CFO/Vice President , Cenikor Foundation

“Essentially what we’re doing is we’re gaining more time, and we also get quality over quantity now.”

Controller, Cenikor Foundation

“Never having to upgrade again is excellent.  Just the backups and the testing that is required for upgrading.  We did 8 or 9 years or that, and the fact that everything is right here and it upgrades and we never feel it or see it is just fabulous.”

Business Analyst, The Astin Group

Now when I have to go back to SL to look at something, I’m like, “oh my gosh, how did we do this for so long?”  All of the processes just take so much longer.”

Assistant Controller, Astin Executive Services

With Intacct, a lot of my invoices generate themselves, so I don’t even touch them.  They just populate and they’re there and I can send them through email or I can print them.”

Assistant Controller, Astin Executive Services

“With SL, I actually have to go in and manually create each [invoice], and I would say it’s an all-day process to get a batch of 30.  With Intacct, I think I invoice about 300 in a matter of seconds.”

Assistant Controller, Astin Executive Services

More efficient is the best way to say it.  Just how quickly and easily I can run reports and share them with other people.  And I feel like it’s still just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can do with it.”

Corporate Controller, Astin Partners/Lynntech Inc.

“Using Intacct has provided us as a back office team to help provide a competitive advantage.”

Brent Thomas, Astin Partners/Lynntech Inc.

“We were in SL for 10 or 15 years, but now being in the cloud, when an update rolls out you don’t have to shut down everything you’re doing.  It just happens without you really even being aware of it.”

Corporate Controller, Astin Partners/Lynntech Inc.

Getting Sage Intacct in place before some of our expansion couldn’t have come at a better time; I just don’t know how we could’ve done it from a reporting standpoint without the tools that Sage Intacct offers us.”

Controller, Hogan Taylor LLP

“We wish we had moved to the cloud much sooner.”

Controller, Hogan Taylor LLP

Since we’ve implemented Sage Intacct we have really increased the visibility and the speed with which we can get our data.”

Controller, Hogan Taylor LLP

Sage Intacct gives us more flexibility to focus on providing value instead of worrying about maintaining systems.”

Business Analyst, Lynntech Inc

“It feels great knowing we never have to upgrade again. It’s one less thing off my list to do. One less thing I have to train someone how to do and have notes on how to do.”

Business Analyst, Lynntech Inc.

“I wanted to thank you for the support your team has given the past few days in getting our system ready for invoicing.  Their professionalism, level of service and patience has far exceeded my expectations!  Your team did such great work!”

Corporate Controller, Global Security Corporation

“Sage Intacct has exceeded my expectations. The reporting has blown me away with what I can do. I love Reports in Intacct. Once I received the training from the One Vision team and got in there myself, it’s phenomenal. I can do things I never dreamed I could do.”

CFO, Stratagem CPA

“I was nervous about leaving behind my old favorite system, but am so happy with my decision.  The process was amazing, there were no hiccups in the implementation and it was not only really smooth but the One Vision team is funny, really nice and incredible to work with. I enjoyed working with my One Vision implementation team so much that now that we are live, I actually miss working with them.”

CFO, Stratagem CPA
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Rated #1 for customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd

Rated #1 for customersatisfaction by G2 Crowd.

The first and only AICPA preferred financial management solution

The first and only AICPA preferredfinancial management solution.

2 Top Rated Awards in the Accounting & Budgeting and ERP categories.

2 Top Rated Awards in the Accounting& Budgeting and ERP categories.

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Dashboards Provide a Unifying Look at Your Financial Health I hear the following comments nearly every week as I meet with new companies that are facing common business challenges. We seem to be working harder each month. My team is very dedicated to our business, so the extra hours each month are not a big problem. Our company team truly believes in what they are doing and wants the company to be successful. However, our biggest problem is with reporting. Everyone creates reporting that will be exactly what the company needs. However, each report is from “their view.” For instance, the operations team gives data about utilization or project performance. That information might be different than what accounting needs, which is more focused on billing and operational performance tied into costs and matching costs to the corresponding revenues. We get into team meetings and the numbers seem to be different. Accounting is always based on where we were three weeks ago. Operations rely heavily on Excel, so they can input up-to-date information to make real-time decisions. Sales [...]

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Get Home Earlier (with less worry) with Financial Dashboards That Enable Quicker, Better Decisions  As the owner of a business-solutions delivery company, I have had many discussions with other executives, project managers, and business owners about dashboard reporting, or, as it is often called, “What keeps you up at night?”  As the father of four kids, all within four years of each other, I guess discussing “What keeps you up at night” depends on the time of life to which we are referring. When we had four kids under the age of four, kids crying in the middle of the night kept me up at night. As the demands of growing our business increased at the same pace as our family, what kept me up at night kept changing. It became difficult to balance the needs of my family with the challenges of working with more companies that didn't have a good way to manage their business other than Excel.  It amazes me how many large businesses would really struggle if they couldn't use Excel.  It is not that I don't like or utilize Excel; however, if you are using it for billing, scheduling, resource planning, and/or reporting, you are in trouble when it comes to avoiding the [...]

Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Variables

  One Vision Service Team Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Variables by: Sydney Hayslett, Senior Consultant   Have you ever found your Accounts Receivable Aging or Ledger to be out of balance with your Accounts Receivable GL account in Intacct? I’ve found this is a common problem and extremely frustrating for a client. It seems so simple, but there are several variables that come into play when reconciling your Accounts Receivable subledger to your General Ledger. Below I’ve highlighted a few of the reasons this discrepancy might occur and how to stop this from happening in the future. The first, and simplest reason these could be out of balance is in how a user pulls the subledger reports. To reconcile these reports to the GL it is important to customize the report in a way that includes all customers, all aging periods and is based on the GL Posting Date. The General Ledger Report (or Balance Sheet) must also be run for the same period to compare. If this solved your discrepancy, great news! If the amounts are still [...]

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