Sage Intaact and Your Project-Driven Organization

Over the past years more and more organizations have drifted away from single-sale business models toward more contractual and project-driven ones. This transition has been a boon for reasons you might expect—recurring and planned ordering streamlines the business cycle by decreasing the quantity of transactions and putting everything on a schedule that moves succinctly toward an agreed upon completion date. Once an organization has built a framework for the specific project—consulted with clients, set timeliness with vendors and pooled resources, doled out tasks to employees—each project advances toward the execution of its respective goals.

And changes in business practices work much as cultural shifts do in that by the time we are aware of their pervasiveness we understand the expansive modifications more or less represent answers to the unspoken wants of an evolving moment. So with this we conclude that the single-sale model wanted out and the project-driven wanted in and should evolve our practices in the appropriate direction, bidding farewell to the single-sale model and opening our arms to the project-driven one.


While it is convenient to stand outside the mainstream as defiant resister of prevailing trends doing so can endanger business operations. As with any modernization the pitfalls in the development of the project-driven model have to do wholly with applying outdated technologies—like rigid legacy accounting software created— to the types of concerns and approximations that are no longer relevant to the project-based organization. When we muscle an obsolete tool onto new nuanced performances the mismatch between technologies and procedures can disintegrate key aspects of the project. And projects do not forgive mistakes— just one can dislodge the entire endeavor, break timelines, shortchange or needlessly overburden vendors, misuse employees and time, make crucial decisions based on faulty data, ad infinitum.

Moving Forward

This is why the move toward project-based operations has been met by the creation of tailored tools fit to help you make the right decisions based on exacting information. Equipped with project tracking, data visibility, full-featured costing and resource management, precise pricing of past projects, and complete integration with the current CRM system, Sage Intaact’s project-specific accounting software offers the metrics, data and automated process that are essential during the preparation and execution of any given project.

Have You Found Your Solution?

It’s likely that your company has become project-based. If you’d like to hear more about how Sage Intaact’s project accounting software can aid in this development contact us today.