How Hogan Taylor Increased Overall Accounting Efficiency By 90% and Overall Budgeting Efficiency By 50%

The One Vision Solutions customer marketing team is excited to share the recently published customer story assets for HoganTaylor, a professional services customer benefitting from an implementation of both Sage Intacct and Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning. Check out the financial management case study and slide, budgeting case study and slide, and read on for more details.

HoganTaylor is one of the largest business advisory and public accounting firms in Oklahoma and Arkansas providing tax, assurance, risk, business advisory, accounting, technology, and industry-focused services. In early 2018, HoganTaylor took a two-phase approach to finance modernization to help accommodate growth and diversification, upgrading from Sage MAS 90 to Sage Intacct, then adding SIBP to replace painful budgeting in Excel. After going live, the team gained from both products while HoganTaylor’s workforce grew to more than 350 professionals and the firm made Accounting Today’s Top 100 Firms list for the first time. Specifically, the finance team realized the following benefits:

  • Increased overall accounting efficiency by 90% and overall budgeting efficiency by 50%
  • Sped the close by 50% across 4x more entities
  • Eliminated $200,000 in administrative overhead annually
  • Realized rapid adoption of SIBP by 15+ budget owners, and save budget stakeholders 100 hours of manual work monthly

“We wanted the ability to put more detail in the general ledger, do financial reporting from the solution, and share information with stakeholders through dashboards. Sage Intacct checked all those boxes.


“MAS 90 was little more than a housing mechanism for our debits and credits, so any type of reporting or analysis required data exports and manipulation in Excel. We’ve been shifting toward more advisory services and additional offerings, and it would have been virtually impossible to track performance in our previous environment.”

– Wes Gilliam, Chief Accounting Officer, HoganTaylor


Anticipating how growth would impact its lean accounting team with more manual data work, HoganTaylor evaluated Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Xero, and QuickBooks Online before selecting Sage Intacct. Multi-entity accounting capabilities, rich dimensional reporting, and an open API for integration with best-of-breed apps were key differentiators. The following year, HoganTaylor evaluated several budgeting packages and chose SIBP for its integration with Sage Intacct and it was also more affordable than some alternatives.


Since going live in early 2018, HoganTaylor has gained capacity to scale accounting without adding headcount. The six-person accounting and finance team handles multi-entity accounting across 4x more subsidiaries while also dramatically cutting monthly close time. Additionally, these efficiency gains free up time to invest in more analytics and other value-added work, like quadrupling reports and creating dashboards for users including non-finance executives, department heads, and subsidiary leaders.

After replacing Excel budgeting with SIBP in late 2019, the team saw rapid adoption of the software among 15+ budget owners without major hiccups, thanks to role-based permissions, transparency, and ease of use. Visibility and process controls give the team new assurance that budgeting is done correctly and accurately—without the headaches of tracking status via emails and spreadsheets.



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Construction Cloud Accounting for General Contractors and Developers

Real-Time visibility and insights, native cloud technology with open API, AICPA preferred.

Sage Intacct Construction is a “best in class” native cloud solution that enables proactive management of critical financial and operational metrics, increased efficiency, reduced time and cost of audits, and improved cash flow.

View Sage Intacct Construction and Real Estate

Construction Based Cloud Accounting


If I asked you to describe a successful company, what would you say? Maybe great profit margins, hard-working employees, or even a substantial number of available vacation days. These are all great answers, but one of the most important aspects to a successful company is the ability to make smart decisions for the future of your company. Sure, keeping a record of past transactions and financial reports is crucial. However, technology is advancing exponentially and is helping companies become more competitive and resourceful within their respective field.

Sage Intacct is continuously building new enhancements to their solutions that will give you the tools to improve your company. Construction companies require unique abilities in their accounting systems, and we are here to show you why Sage Intacct is changing this market.

3 Reasons Why Companies like yours have made the switch to Sage Intacct.


1.    Financial Accessibility

Your financial team will no longer be spending their time in data-entry or building time-consuming spreadsheets. With Sage Intacct, your transactions come in electronically and are displayed in an organized, visual way for your team to better understand the status of your project and be able to make informed decisions for the future.

2.    Dimensions

Imagine being able to visualize your cost codes and performance-based metrics. With Sage Intacct, we provide this capability in real-time through reports and dashboards. You can easily view your project’s profitability with visibility from all perspectives. Detailed charts and graphs give your team a better understanding of where your project stands and where it needs to go to meet certain goals, milestones, and budgets.

3.    Work – Breakdown Structure

Construction companies know better than anyone that having a detailed plan to manage a budget is crucial. With Sage Intacct, you will have the freedom to make your own decisions on the project and cost code structure to control how you manage and bill. This way, you can visualize where the money is going and compare the estimated cost and actual cost to arrange your budget.

Companies like yours have excelled using Sage Intacct for many reasons, and we would love to show you how your company can benefit from doing the same. Contact us today to discuss your thoughts and concerns about your financial accounting system.

Sage Intacct releases the Growth Partner of the Year award to One Vision

December 7, 2020, Austin, Texas – Cloud accounting expert One Vision has been named Sage Intacct’s 2020 Growth Partner of the Year. One Vision was recognized by Sage Intacct for the company’s success in assisting project-based businesses, such as architectural, engineering, professional services, and construction companies, to select and implement the Sage Intacct financial accounting solution.

One Vision’s Kreg Decker stated “We are excited on the investment that Sage has put into the Sage Intacct product. Organizations are seeing increased productivity, lower total cost of ownership, and high client satisfaction results with Sage Intacct. Trust is vital for One Vision, when a company asks us for help, we will always help them pick the appropriate solution to enable us to deliver the right tool for the organization. Sage Intacct always provides our clients with the solution they need, and we expect that commitment to continue in 2021. Next year will be another great year for Sage Intacct and I’m excited for what the future holds.”
“This year’s winners of the Sage Intacct Partner Awards are comprised of organizations that have gone above and beyond for customers during a tumultuous year for most businesses. These top partners have set themselves apart within the Sage Intacct channel. We congratulate One Vision for winning our Growth Partner of the Year Award and achieving membership in our President’s Club,” said Taylor Macdonald, SVP of Channels for Sage Intacct.
About One Vision
One Vision is dedicated to implementing end-to-end project solutions, business systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and role-based dashboards. One Vision delivers using the top ERP, CRM, and Project Management solutions in the industry. One Vision partners with project-based companies to identify solutions that best fit their needs for both short and long-term goals. One Vision strives to gain trust to achieve a true partnership and build a lasting relationship. Their employees, partners, and board of directors all have a unique experience they bring to clients of One Vision. Among the team, they have hundreds of combined years’ experience delivering software solutions as well as a passion to see companies utilize technology that makes their business more successful. One Vision’s relationships with their clients go back to the start of the company in 1997.

Dashboards Provide a Unifying Look at Your Financial Health

Dashboards Provide a Unifying Look at Your Financial Health

Dashboards Provide a Unifying Look at Your Financial Health

I hear the following comments nearly every week as I meet with new companies that are facing common business challenges.

We seem to be working harder each month. My team is very dedicated to our business, so the extra hours each month are not a big problem. Our company team truly believes in what they are doing and wants the company to be successful. However, our biggest problem is with reporting. Everyone creates reporting that will be exactly what the company needs. However, each report is from “their view.” For instance, the operations team gives data about utilization or project performance. That information might be different than what accounting needs, which is more focused on billing and operational performance tied into costs and matching costs to the corresponding revenues.

We get into team meetings and the numbers seem to be different. Accounting is always based on where we were three weeks ago. Operations rely heavily on Excel, so they can input up-to-date information to make real-time decisions. Sales and Marketing rely on the “rainmakers” and don’t forecast as they should. If you are wondering how your business is doing, it’s no wonder we simply rely on bank balances, how busy the team is and our own “gut feel” to really know how the business is doing. We love this business, so we continue forward, but isn’t there a part of you that wonders if this is the best it ever gets when it comes to quality, financial information and running the business?

At One Vision, it always amazes me when our team focuses on an individual problem or issue, how quickly that issue gets addressed. This is why I believe companywide dashboards are truly the key. If we work from the same information, then Sales knows their goals and how they’re performing, which drives the operational backlog – the information needed for accounting to best manage the cash flow of the business.

We can easily see a picture of this in a football setting. A quarterback trying to pass to a receiver in football has a tough time if the linemen decide they are going to take a couple of plays off. However, most football teams are on the same page, because there are common ways to get information. The scoreboard is the ultimate decision-making tool that ties offense, defense, and special teams together. What is it then that ties Marketing/Sales to Operations to Accounting? Dashboards that drive making decisions.

One dashboard with key information will unite your team; identify if everyone is moving in the same direction; truly let you know how your business is doing, and allow you to make changes the minute they are needed:

  • Cash Availability
  • Backlog
  • Pipeline
  • Utilization
  • Performance against plan

Can you imagine the football team that is working to win the game and Offense, Defense, and Special teams all have a different score for the Home and Visiting team? That is what businesses do every day. On the other hand, visible, quick-to-read dashboards, all based on the same information, are the key to conquering this problem. Feel free to call me to discuss how you can get on the same scorecard and start winning more games today with One Vision and Sage Intacct.

Kreg Decker, Managing Partner