Nonprofit Company Stands Strong

Hurricane Harvey couldn’t stop this Houston, TX company from making daily progress within their organization after their move to Sage Intacct for Reporting and Financials.

Cenikor Foundation is a non-profit that has been around since 1967. One Vision consultants had the pleasure to guide them through financial and operational process upgrades with the framework within Sage Intacct.  Streamlined, productive finance organization was tightly aligned with Cenikor’s mission. Connected systems improve overall finance’s efficiency and visibility alongside automated processes and reporting. Watch this video to learn more how they persevered through the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.


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Cenikor. A Place for Change. Providing a Foundation for Better Health and Better Lives.


Cenikor will be a leader in providing quality substance abuse and behavioral health services in the communities we serve through a continuum of care for adults and adolescents.


Health; Wellness; Faith; Work; Recovery; Respect; Accountability; and Education.

Cenikor is committed to helping people with alcohol and drug addiction as well as behavioral health issues through a full continuum of care. Cenikor offers a variety of programs to treat drug addiction including:

  • Detox
  • Short-Term Residential
  • Long-Term Residential
  • Outpatient Detox
  • Adult Outpatient
  • Adolescent Outpatient
  • Adolescent Residential
  • Sober Living
  • Prevention Programs

These programs are designed to combat alcohol and drug addiction throughout Texas and Louisiana.


Elephants and Helicopters

Elephants and Helicopters

One thing that marks the transition from one generation of business leaders to the next is the younger generation announcing with terrific and unshakeable assurance that the world— its customs and behaviors and interests, its trends and ideas for the acceptable and unacceptable, its protocols and politics, so on and so forth—is not like the world that preceded it. They display the problems and begin to make improvements (Sears to Amazon, for example), designing a framework that will help actualize their moment.

This requires the end of deference, which historically has upset their forbearers who, for comfort’s sake, still have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. It is much more agreeable, much less taxing, than trying to relearn everything. Some elders mock the developments with great humor and poignancy; sometimes they shout, or bemusedly watch the glittery but foreign present roll past with the yawning apathy of an elephant surveying a passing helicopter. Some retire—but many do not, and this division makes for a temporary discontinuity between the old and young, who are hard at work resolving the kinds of problems their predecessors tolerated.

Here is a video on recent Customer Experiences with Sage Intacct.

In our industry this would mean the graduation from QuickBooks and Excel to the kinds of integrated ERP software offered from Sage Intacct and created for the institutional demands of our epoch, with cloud-based architecture, precise reporting and metrics through customizable dashboards, project-based specifics, and automated processes that have eliminated perilous tasks like duplicate data entry. Sage Intacct has been outfitted with solutions for the kinds of challenges that face the common non-profit or project service firm, to name a few. Preceding generations of accountants, who didn’t have access to such vanguard technologies, deserve thunderous applause for getting through nightly meals without spasmodic sobbing and routine collapse, clinical exhaustion.

The new ways are entrenched. We cannot look back on the old accounting solutions of our grandparents any more than we would want to exchange the conveniences of Amazon for those of Sears. We must adapt accordingly, understand that our situation is vastly different from theirs. And if the older generation gets too depressed they can take solace in knowing that soon there will be another shakeup that will produce similar confusion. What goes around comes around, after all.

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8 Signs You Have Outgrown Excel for Budgeting and Planning

8 Signs You Have Outgrown Excel for Budgeting and Planning

Time to Upgrade?

Are you looking for an improved platform in which your organization can gain more diverse insight into budgets? Planning can be drastically improved on future prospects with the ease of a report that is auto-generated for full transparency into each branch of the organization.

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8 Signs You Have Outgrown Excel for Budgeting and Planning

Sage Intacct

Equipped with project tracking, data visibility, full-featured costing and resource management, precise pricing of past projects, and complete integration with the current CRM system, Sage Intaact’s project-specific accounting software offers the metrics, data and automated process that are essential during the preparation and execution of any given project.

One Vision Solutions

As a team that has established over 20 years of experience in consulting project-based organizations with their software and cloud-based solutions, One Vision Solutions provides the highest-level of expertise in guiding your business implementing new management processes through data-based dashboards. One Vision also creates a personalized experience with your team. We make your success our priority.

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Sage Intacct Advantage

Sage Intacct Advantage 2018 was the largest-ever gathering of Sage Intacct customers and partners. The event took place in Nashville from Oct. 22-26, 2018. Check out some of the highlights, including commentary from customers and partners on the value of the event to their business.


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See Everything

See Everything

Where’s the sign?

Experts tell us the image has supplanted other media. For proof one need only survey the local library, that most hallowed house of texts—the aisles between bookshelves are empty while around the collection of free computers is a minor population of intent faces peering into screens, with people behind waiting their turns. Even car dashboards tell us that our oil is low, making it so we never have to consult that transparent sticker that lives in the top left corner of the windshield between oil changes. We live by these dashboard indicators—one tells us when tire pressure is waning and how long to let the pump shoot air into the valve so we don’t have to parse through the bloated car manual.  The dashboard tells us when to stop for gas and where the next station is. They do things that we now know we don’t like to do.

Gravitation toward more and more dynamic and visual accounting solutions follows in our sector as well. Over the last decades as integrated software technologies and automation processes slowly ascended the rungs of accounting services into what might be considered an admirable state of maturity—though not entire, in no way climaxed, or complete—they have more or less permanently jettisoned the types of manual ERP and accounting systems we once relied upon. We no longer tolerate banging through and synthesizing unplaced and lifeless financial statements, balance sheets, and income and cashflow reports, and for good cause. In addition to draconian tedium (we got tired of thinking about all the other things we might be doing), manual operations risk inconsistencies, client-relations problems.

Evolution of Change

And technology has continued to evolve. Where once we had to shift and pull data from disparate applications on our computers, relying on metrics kept here and there, having a look at one source, closing the file and opening another, then weighing and computing the two, customizable dashboards, such as those from Sage Intaact, have heightened project management that much more. Divided between role based and analysis, dashboards through Sage Intaact conform to an organization’s needs. They provide KPIs relevant to executives, all the way down to sales and finance teams, tailoring the available metrics to the person behind the screen. In the Role Function View project managers have access to time sheets, expenses to approve, and team utilization data; in the Analysis View, members of the finance team have point-by-point contact with reports, graphs and trends. There’s no unnecessary overlap.

Find your Solution

And through cloud-based management systems the individuated dashboards can zing to life when faraway from the office computer, in a living room or airport lounge, via laptop, tablet, or phone—wherever you are, on whatever device you choose.


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